Let’s Get Crazy and Start Planning your New Year’s Resolutions Today! | Free downloadable PDF planner (& November’s Giveaway Details!)

Get ready to say good-bye to October and welcome the month of November!

Time flies by and life has to go on. I know some of you might not want the year of 2016 to end and some of you want it to end so badly and already have new goals and New Year’s resolutions planned out. For me I have mixed feelings, I don’t want this year to be over because I had such a great time taking care of my baby and working on what I love. I don’t mean I will stop doing what I am doing the second 2017 hits! All I want to do from now on is to enjoy every little moment before the year is over. At the same time, it is so exciting to think that 2017 is around the corner. New year, new journey, what will it bring you? More opportunities? More fun? More joys? All I know is that it will definitely bring you more good vibes, that’ s for sure!

There is something I really want you to know about me. I am a plan freak. I love to plan and set goals. Before I start doing something new, I have to have my plan ready. I think it’s such an important thing that you have a plan and you know what you’re going to do. The New Year is close, so today I would like to share with you what I found about powerful benefits of making your yearly goals. My husband and I have been doing it since 2014. Today he agreed to share some of his thoughts on today’s topic too.

Let’s start with a few of my thoughts on what are the benefits I get from having goals

  • It is a map/ GPS to your success.

Imagine yourself driving to a new destination without GPS or Google maps these days! How crazy would it be? I know you can stop and ask people on the way there but it will take you a little bit longer because you wont know exactly where you are going and what roads and exits you should take. Setting goals for yourself is for the same purpose of having a map in your hands. You will know where you are going with the right directions. If you lost your map you still know the whole picture because you were the one that planed it out. Even though you get lost you will be able to find the way to get back on tract and keep on going until you are at your destination.

  • It helps remind you with what you need to do.

Like having a secretary or SIRI writing down what you have to do tomorrow. Setting your yearly goals is one more reminder tool you add into your life. Your brain is already working hard everyday. It’s good to have a written reminder that you can always go back and look at it. 


  • Action plan that is specifically designed for you.

Because you are who you are and no one can be you, each person is different. To be able to make your own goals and design your own way to achieve them are the best part. You know exactly what you want, what you don’t want, what you can do and what you can’t do. It’s your goals and it’s your plan that you can take action in your own pace at your own time and ability.


  • Making you proud of yourself.

Making yourself proud is one of the good feelings everyone needs in their life. Setting goals and achieving them are the best feelings ever. It makes you know that you’re not a normal person. You are special. You can do whatever you put your mind to. It makes you know that you’re awesome! Like that saying, you can do it!  


  • You have purpose in life.

People can get upset and depressed when they don’t know what to do or don’t know why they are here in this world. When you have purposes in life everything looks and feels more beautiful. You want to live longer. You want to enjoy every single thing around you. You know that you are important and you care more about yourself and others.

Having a yearly plan will make you feel so good! Trust me!

Here’s my husband’s point of view he would like to share with you guys.

When creating goals for yourself, there are many benefits to be had. A major benefit I would like to mention today is that creating a goal gives you a sense of purpose and keeps you motivated in life. When planning a destination in life, it requires both a point A and point B. If you do not know where you are going, how can you move forward in life? By having an end target in mind, you can focus on what’s important and be sure you achieve that goal. This is significant because when tough times come, and try to throw you off course, you can remember what you’re fighting for by looking at your goals. Special thanks to my lovely wife for letting me “express my artistic ability of writing” on her blog and not altering it in anyway, love you!

So those where the exact words from my lovely husband. 😀        

Now, it’s time for my husband and I to start planning out and setting our goals for the next year. I recommend you do it too. Start sooner it’s always better!

I forgot to mention, getting a cute planner is a good idea too! 😀

Here I have a PDF version of New Year’s Resolutions Planner for you to download.

We can work on it together. Do it sooner so we will be ahead of the game.

Get Your New Year’s Resolutions Planner Here

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Good luck my love! See you tomorrow for our 30 days blogging the series!

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are.” – Gianni Versace 


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