In today’s post I’m going to talk about my favorite backdrops I use for my flat lays. The below items are what I found to be easy to find and incorporate into your photo.

A lot of the items on my list, you can probably find in your home already. They are affordable and you don’t need to go above and beyond to get them.

I love working on my flat lay photos as they bring a lot of creativity out of me. Whenever I want to make my photo simple but yet relatable to everyday life, I tend to use items around me to create backdrops for my flat lays.



The items I’m about to mention are the things I’m sure you can find in your home. You can work with them even if you have a small corner to work on your photos. I love everything on this list, and I hope you find them helpful in your upcoming flat lay photo session as well.


If you are ready let’s dive into it.


White Table Top

This is the basic and the one must have item for almost everyone who enjoys taking flat lay photos. It’s easy to incorporate, and won’t steal the scene of your main products.   



I love using white bedsheets for all kinds of flat lays. It doesn’t need to be covering your bed though but it can still replicate the “on my bed” mood. 



This might sound weird to say that I recommend you to use your blanket as a backdrop. But it’s not weird to me as I use it often in my photoshoots. It is a perfect item to use, if you’re planning to take a photo that needs a lot of empty space. It will also be good if you need a backdrop thats big enough to fit all of your props. 



I love using magazines as they already have pretty designs or pretty faces on them. This is a great backdrop for an effortless style.   


Couch/ Chair

I took a picture on my couch and talked about flat lay tips on my previous post, “One Rule To Achieving A Prettier Flat Lay“. You can see here as well that I use my couch as a backdrop for different products I’m shooting. Give your couch or chair a try, as you will see that this furniture pice would do a great job as a flat lay backdrop.   


Marble Top

I love marble but it’s very expensive to buy a big marble table if you don’t have one already. You can use contact paper with a marble design instead. It comes in a lot of patterns and colors. I found mine on Amazon.  


Cutting Board

I love using cutting boards as my backdrop when I have to create content around food ingredients and nature focused photos. I got my cutting board from Bed Bath & Beyond.  


Wrapping Paper

This is a good choice when it comes to the holiday season or DIY project photos. They come in many different designs which you can find the one that matches your overall photo theme. 


Interesting Texture

Find interesting textures around you. For example, faux fur, fluffy sweaters, straw bags, lace fabrics, and more. They will help with the depth of the photo.   

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If you are interested in learning more about how to plan your flat lay photo session, feel free to grab my step-by-step Flat Lay Planning Workbook. 

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