Morgan Tyner is taking over my blog today. She will be sharing with you her “7 Recommendations For Blogging Full-Time”. With her many years of successful blogging experience, you will find a lot of great advice. 

If you’re looking to become a full-time blogger, and making it a career, be sure not to miss this post. 

“TAKE MY COURSE AND YOU CAN GO FROM $0 TO A 6-FIGURE INCOME IN SIX MONTHS!” What you are you waiting for? Invest in YOURSELF, today.”

Clueless, I dived headfirst into the world of blogging full-time. Guided by — well — a total LIE (like the one above), false pretense, and false hope.

But wow, I would never turn back. Because the wisdom, learning curves, and sleepless nights have led me right here.

Right here, creating content to genuinely provide you the means to monetize YOUR authentic voice. I hope to empower, educate, and enrich the professional skills, lives & relationships of your entrepreneurially-minded blogging endeavors!

Keep reading this post and learn 7 recommendations on how you too can become a full-time blogger!

I’ve blogged for 6 years. My transition into the world of full-time blogging began 2 years ago rooted on one passion: I want to empower women to be more confident. But — my how’s, what’s, where’s, and tools were totally hidden — waiting to blossom.

I’m not going to spend much time on my background/me because you and I both know why you are really here — you want the 7 recommendations — and I don’t blame you. If you want to learn more about my story, I invite you to tune into Episode 012  of The RAW Business Creating Podcast.

7 Recommendations For Blogging Full-Time:

001. Know your “why” & NEVER deviate. If a brand, affiliate, collaborator, etc. want to work with you, but the brand at all deviates from your blog’s mission — it’s a NO. Every time. I don’t care if the brand is credible, reputable, & offering your $10k for your collaboration efforts — it’s still a NO if it deviates. Aligning your core values, your audience’s trust, client’s trust, etc. are your priorities — first & foremost. I promise — fulfilled money will come to you when you work hard and stay true to YOU. So many bloggers deviate and thus lose their roots. Don’t be one of them.

002. Don’t rely on social media. Social media is FICKLE. Can I get an amen? A common misconception in the blogging world is Instagram is all you need. Yes, you can make money with your Instagram platform as an “influencer” — but to really flourish as a blogger you need a personal platform, too. One you can control. Your own platform (i.e — a blog site) allows you to showcase all your value — posts, videos, social platforms, products, services, background, values, programs, etc. — in a place you can control & fully run. Algorithms change! Heck, who knows when something comes out to take the place of Instagram ??‍♀️. My point is, be mindful & harness your OWN space.

003. Connect, connect, connect. Yes, free marketing is a thing. No — paid ads are not the only way to market yourself. You need to be engaging with your target audience, of course! That is who you are serving. But to tag along with that, you need to be meeting others in your industry. Have blogger meetups, hangouts, or collaborations. Guest write, appear on podcasts, be OUT in your community! Yes, your business is virtual — but being active & engaged in your community is essential. This is (often) a free means to market yourself, and it’s so much fun!

004. Know your funds. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Before you dive into blogging full-time — you need to have all your funds laid out. Know how much money you can invest (at the beginning), how much you need to make, and who can support you financially — should you jump in right away. With my clients, I never recommend anyone to jump in full-time “cold turkey”. It’s okay to be radical and assertive, but that’s quite different than jumping in with no plan or financial means to do so. It will take time to grow your blog. Time is GOOD. Time allows you to grow, learn & expand your passion.

005. Think long-term, not short-term. When jumping into this blogging process full-time, I envisioned an “instantaneous success”. One that my Google Searches (like the one I shared at the beginning of this article) often made me believe in. I remember thinking it would be fairly ‘easy’ with a few roadblocks mixed in. I was very mistaken, and that’s okay! The numerous blogger roadblocks provide me with stepping stones to create a blogging business I love. Create long-term goals and plans for your blog. These will keep you aligned on your mission’s path. These goals keep you focused on the bigger picture, and not the daily grinds that tend to weigh us down.

006. Actively practice gratitude. You cannot be worrisome and grateful at the same time. Part of my morning routine is writing down 3 reasons I am truly grateful for the path I am on. Every day becomes an opportunity to rise up & boldly continue down my entrepreneurial path. You must recognize that no one owes you anything. You cannot expect opportunities to come to you. Often, you must ask! Especially in the beginning! And that is A-okay! Getting turned down from brands sponsorships, collaborations, etc.  means you learn what you can do stronger to succeed next time. Every opportunity to jump into a chance to develop your own blogging platform is a blessing. Regardless of where you are at now in your blogging journey — there are reasons to be grateful. I often will mediate, have quiet times of prayer & journaling to get my mind on track if I’m feeling negative or down. Take care of yourself. Gratitude is your superpower.

007. Fall in love the process. We are always wishing for a point in our future where we believe “true happiness and success” exists. This is a terrible way to look at your full-time blogging journey. I’ve been there. I was always wishing & hoping to be at step 10 when I was still at step 6. Instead of being thankful to have made it to step 6 — I was wishing on the future. You must learn to love exactly where you are at RIGHT NOW. Maybe you are at step 1? Well, you are STILL making impressive moves! Remember a time when you were unable or unaware of how to begin step 1? Well, now you are here! That is a huge deal. Everyone is on a path unique to him/her. Comparison is the thief of loving the process (more specifically, loving your process). A funny thing starts to happen when we mute the noise, stay on our path, seek wisdom from those we trust (i.e a mentor/coach), and just keep moving. Each day is a new day to succeed step-by-step. And each step (no matter how big/small) is still a HUGE milestone. Remember this as you take on blogging full-time. It can be easy to lose your focus. But appreciating all the moments (good & bad) works wonders. You become an unstoppable blogger.

Incorporating strategic actions into your daily schedule is monumental for growth as a full-time blogger. What does your daily routine look like?


I always incorporate these 5 moves into my daily schedule as a full-time blogger:

  • Quiet time to journal, breathe, pray, and clear my mind

  • Making my bed (as crazy as it is — this always starts my day more productive)

  • Ignoring emails/tasks upon first waking up (it’s “me time” at this point)

  • Taking a shower (removing any unconducive noise/thoughts from the day before)

  • Telling at least 3 people I know in my industry why I appreciate his/her content (I am always looking for an opportunity to build authentic connections & show appreciation)

Let’s Review The 7 Recommendations For Full-Time Bloggers:

1. Know Your “Why” & NEVER Deviate

2. Don’t Rely on Social Media

3. Connect, Connect, Connect

4. Know Your Funds

5. Think Long-term, Not Short-term

6. Actively Practice Gratitude

7. Fall in Love With the Process

Are you ready to start your blog full-time?

Many will tell you it’s so easy, try to give advice, or maybe even question your choice. You must do what sets your soul on fire. Ignore the noise. Many people simply cannot understand the world of blogging, because they are uneducated on the industry. Stay true to you. Do not justify your passions — chase them.


What’s one tip YOU have for a full-time blogger? Tell me below!

About Morgan Brooke Tyner

Morgan Tyner is your RAW truth provider, direct, genuine + wicked capable creator bestie you’ve always wanted. A vibrant speaker, life coach & business mentor, Morgan’s genius is helping women embrace their capabilities, take messy action & monetize their passions of creating via their authentic voice. ChicaConfident.com  founded in 2017 exists to empower, educate, and enrich the professional skills, lives, & relationships of entrepreneurially-minded bloggers everywhere. 

Instagram: @chicaconfident

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