Like I mention before, I used to hate every kind of workout!! I remember back in school, many many years ago, ouch! Physical Education was one of the subjects I loved the least. The thing is that I don’t understand how can people love to make themselves tired, sweat like a pig, stink like a skunk, hurt yourself by running for many miles, except for those rosy cheeks you got after all the activities that makes you look cuter which was the only thing I like, other than that, forget about it! Whats wrong with you people???

All I love to do back then was just wish that the teacher was easy enough and let me rest for the whole time. I know, it sounds like I would never want to get involved with any thing physicals at all but guess what? Now I enjoy exercising and want to encourage you to feel the same.

That has changed when I became a mother and I want to be stronger and healthier for my baby and also still want to look sexy for my husband!

Not only that, some people are so annoying, they keep telling me that I am big! You know it doesn’t matter what size you are, if you know you’re beautiful that is the end of the story!

But in my culture people have to be very tiny to be consider “beautiful” and some of my friends and family kept saying that I am on the way to the ‘not that small’ side. They also say that they don’t think I can loose weight and be tiny! Well well well, what did you just say??   

Alright but what’s the easiest way that I used to motivate myself? Lists are below;

1. Prove Haters Wrong!!

Yep. Thank you for reading but you are wrong Haters!! Just kidding, I know you love me! Muahhh! This is the first motivation that worked excellent for me. It ‘s right that you shouldn’t care about how people think about you, I understand that but some people just don’t and won’t get it! So just make yourself proud and make the haters wow with the amazing results you get. 

This first motivation tip can use with a lot of areas in your life not only for exercising but with life in general. I use it a lot throughout my life. Just to prove them wrong and make yourself very proud! 

Dose that sound good to you?

But the key is that you have to believe that you can do it first then you’re half way there. Don’t let all the negativity ruin your will.

I believe in you my love! Let’s prove them wrong! Cheers to the winner!

2. Set goals

I know everybody says this and I don’t want to repeat it again. It’s all over the internet. I bet you’ve read some already. I did want to tell you what goals I had set though.

– I want to be strong and healthy for my baby.

– I want to look beautiful, hot and sexy for my husband.

– I want to be happy with myself.

– I want to inspire others by creating a Blog! That’s why I’m here and you are reading my blog post right now.

– I want to get myself ready for the next pregnancy.

– I want people to say that I’m beautiful! Not kidding! Haha!

All the above were my main goals before deciding to join TIUBikiniseries challenge this year in 2016. I still have a lot more goals to achieve!

3. Do it for pictures

This is one of my favorite things that help motivate me. I found myself doing it a lot just for the pictures , healthy meals, outfits and scenery which I share on my social medias. Sometimes it’s stressful to try to get the right picture but most of the time it is so much fun and I enjoy it.

You just have to do what you love.

If you like dressing up, just put on the workout cloth, smile, snap and share!

If you like a beautiful sunrise, wake yourself up early in the morning and go for a run or a walk, take pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy tons of Vitamin D from the rays. 

If you are a food lover like me, make yourself a heathy meal, decorate it, don’t forget to take picture before you eat!! I’m serious, sometimes it looks so good and you just can’t control your hunger! I was there I know how that happened! 

4. Inspire others

Do you know why teacher’s choose to be a teacher? 

I know why… because it feels so good when you inspire people.

It feels even better when that person you have taught and inspired became very successful from what they’ve learned from you. I was a teacher and I still consider myself as a teacher. 

If you haven’t inspired anyone yet, I encourage you to do it after finishing this post.

Start from someone close to you or just post some of your favorite quotes on your Facebook, Instagram or anywhere you want and see how people will react to that!

Tag me @mollerfulmolly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can inspired me too.


5. Reward yourself 

Not a bad idea to buy yourself something you’ve been wanting for a long time! Why not? You just did something special, so  just give yourself a gift.

It can be a small reward such as frozen yogurt, go out for a movie night or buy yourself a new lipstick, or it can be a bigger reward. 

Buy yourself new bikinis or new cloths that will reward you after you complete your workout challenge! Make sure you buy it or at least have the picture and place it somewhere that you can see and to help remind yourself why you started.

Here are some of the bikinis I want to buy! I can’t decide which one, maybe you can help me by leaving your comment below!

Affiliate links* ahead!

Alright,  I hope my workout motivation tips can help you enjoy exercising and achieving your challenge! Let me know what your secret to motivating yourself is! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Happy motivation day! 


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