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Affirmations are a big part of my life and help me to keep a positive mindset and achieve my life goals. They are easy to use and incorporate into my daily routines.

In this post, I will talk about what affirmations are and how to start practicing them. I have also included ten free downloadable phone wallpapers to help you get started on you knew affirmation journey.

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Fall is a fun season that you can dress up and play around with your outfits. I love that you can layer and match each piece of your clothing together for a fresh and cozy look to keep you warm and stylish at the same time.


In today’s post, I am sharing my Fall Layering Guide I have been using myself. Read along to find out more! 

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Happy Self-Care Sunday!

In today’s post, I wanted to share with you what is self-care exactly, the history, the importance, the different types of self-care and some tips on how to start practicing self-care today.

Read on to find out more about it.


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Happy Self-care Sunday!

In today’s post, I wanted to focus on coconuts and all the benefits they provide for better wellness and self-care.

After doing some research, I put together some helpful information that you can learn more about coconuts beneficial skin care properties and see why you should be adding more of them to your daily routines.

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I put together seven self-care phone wallpapers of my favorite self-care quotes for you to have. I thought it was so important to share this with you as I have spent the past week reflecting on myself. I found myself going into a negative space and needed some time to get away from it all and give myself some self-care.

Continue reading to hear my quick story and how you can get access to the free phone wallpapers.

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Happy Self-care Sunday! I wanted to share with you my 3 Healthy Cookbooks for better health and wellness that I am currently loving. My husband and I love to cook and we found that getting new cookbooks helped us with coming up with interesting menus. This week, I wanted to focus on salads as they are very easy to make and filled with nutrients for your body. Read on to find out what are the three books I recommend.

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