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This post has been a long overdue post I was planning to publish since late winter. But I couldn’t do it until today because I kept getting new perfumes to fill my Spring/Summer Perfume Collection. 

Since we are a little over half way through spring, and summer is just around the corner, floral scents can still make it to the next season. I’ve shared both fruity and floral fragrances in this post for you to explore all the options.

One of the fragrances in this post is one of my favorite scents for over 10 years and I just now had the chance to own it. Find out in this post which one it is.

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If you are looking for a perfect Mother’s Day gift for your amazing mother, mother of your child, you as a mother, be sure to read this post as I am sharing a lot of gift ideas that are hand picked for each mama’s  interests. A classy mom, a cool mom, an ethical mom and any lovely mom out there.

I spent more time and extra attention to this Mother’s Day Gift Guide this year as I know our moms are working hard raising us and she deserves everything. I want every mom to receive a perfect gift.

Don’t forget to let her know that you love and appreciate everything she does for you. That’s the best gift she could ever asked for.     

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I love that this year has been a self-care focused year for many people, including myself. I’ve never realized how important self-care was until a few years after having a family and a baby of my own.

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and all I’m thinking about are roses. I normally don’t like any specific type of flowers accept the one I really love, peonies. They are absolutely my fave.

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This post was made in collaboration with Sephora inside JCPenney. As always, all opinions are my own. #ad #SephoraInJCP Sephora inside JCPenney Last Minute Gift Ideas Ho Ho Ho! Santa is coming to town in a couple of days and I know some of you still haven’t finished shopping or just started to shop! Nothing […]

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Hi there love! I’m getting into another brand new clean beauty product last week and they are from a brand called Skylar. Since I got 6 bottles of clean, cruelty-free and vegan perfumes to try, I am so super in love with them. Skylar is creating a new world of fragrancies by using clean, conscious ingredients […]

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