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    Molly Larsen and Her Husband, Andrew

    Lifestyle Content Creator

    Molly Larsen is the creator of All About Good Vibes—a feel-good destination that inspires women to love, care, and be themselves. Growing up, she loved dressing up, taking care of her skin, and helped supporting others. She believes in positivity and seeing the good in all situations. Her biggest achievement of the day is putting her babies to sleep early, relaxing, and watching her favorite shows with her husband.

    After getting married and having two kids, Andrew and Molly realized how important it was to have proper self-care to be able to be their best selves.

    What they found was eating healthy sets not only a good standard for their kids but also is a great way to take better care of themselves.

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    Molly and Andrew would like to invite you to join this healthy self-care challenge as they believe that you are what you eat, and you deserve to live a healthy lifestyle.

    This 4-WEEK HEALTHY EATING CHALLENGE includes 28 of their favorite recipes from famous chefs and bloggers around the world.

    Self-Care Guide on Healthy Eating Tips and Habits Ebook

    Inside the SELF-CARE Ebook

    Samples from the 28 Healthy Recipes